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Offers emotional support, share knowledge, teach skills, provide practical assistance, and connect people with resources, opportunities, communities of support, and other people.

Grief And Support Services 


Individualized Grief Coaching Session

Educate and Empower individuals who want positive change and guide them to reach goals they have or identify new aspirations as they learn to love life again after a tragic loss.


*Healing Through the Stages of Grief Coping

* Skills and Self Care

​*Small support group 

Special thanks to Faces Not Forgotten for the paint portrait of Jared created by artist Sarah Lorentz.

I became a survivor on July 11, 2015, when my only son, Jared Brown, was killed by a stray bullet by someone that should have never had his hands on a gun. Jared died two weeks before his 24th birthday. It has affected our entire family. Holidays and his birthday are a constant reminder that it’s reality and we will never see him again. His presence is missed tremendously every day! Now I advocate along with 

Moms Demand Action ,  Everytown For Gun Safety. and Sandy Hook Promise.

-Sharmaine S. Brown

Join the Everytown Survivor Network: or text the word "SURVIVOR" to 644-33